Published: 2014-02-28

Patients’ Stories of Interprofessional Whole-Person Care

Kateryna Aksenchuk, Jasna K Schwind, Sherry Espin, Beth McCay, Jacqui Gingras

Person-Centred Dentistry: When Do We Start?

Nareg Apelian, Jean-Noel Vergnes, Christophe Bedos

Sharing and Supporting the Hopes and Dreams of Students and Faculty in a Canadian BScN Program

Sue Coffey, Hilde Zitzelsberger, Marianne Cochrane, Katherine Cummings

Facilitating Whole Person Care Using Video Reflexive Ethnography

Aileen Collier, Mary Wyer, Katherine Carroll, Suyin Hor, Brydan Lenne, Rick Iedema

Compassion Training: The Missing Link in Healthcare Education?

Kirsten Deleo, Angela Anderson, Crystal Cullerton-Sen

A Role for Cancer Nurses: Responding to Distress in Cancer Patients

Margaret Fitch, Deborah McLeod, Doris Howell, Esther Green

Transforming the Intensive Care Culture Using the Palliative Approach

Diane Guay, Cécile Michaud, Luc Mathieu, Jacinthe Pepin

Mindfulness-Based Medical Practice: Exploring the Link between Self-Compassion and Wellness

Julie Anne Irving, Patricia L Dobkin, Jeeseon Park-Saltzman, Marilyn R. Fitzpatrick, Tom A Hutchinson

Mind the Gaps

Graeme Kidd

Whole Person Team Care

Glen Komatsu, Denise Hess

Faut-il parler de l'âme? Réflexions à propos de 2 patients.

M-Christine Kopferschmitt-Kubler, Philippe Fraisse, Annick Kocher, Alexa Muller, Jonathan Graffi, Denis Ledogar, Elisabeth Quoix

Perceived Effects of a Somatic Psychopedagogy (SPP) Program in Nurse Training: An Exploratory Study

Josée Lachance, Pierre Paillé, Jean-François Desbiens, Marianne Xhignesse

Group Art Therapy Program for Women Living with Breast Cancer

Katherine Laux, Virginia Lee, Sarkis Meterissian, Gwynneth Gorman, Sharon Wexler

Whole Person Teaching Makes an Effective Baccalaureate Nursing Teacher: Student Voices Enlighten Us

Nancy Matthew-Maich, Lynn Martin, Carrie Mines, Rosemary Ackerman-Rainville, Cynthia Hammond, Amy Palma, Carmen Roche, Darlene Sheremet, Rose Stone

The Role of a Psychiatrist (Rehabilitation Physician) in the Palliative Care Team

Chieko Miyata, Tsuji Tetsuya, Saori Hashiguchi, Meigen Liu

Integral Medicine: Treating the Whole—Patient, Provider, Healthcare System

David Petrie, Joel Kreisberg, Gary Huffaker, Edward Baron Short, Olga Jarrín

Challenging Conversations in Healthcare: Simulation-Based Interprofessional Learning

Elizabeth A. Rider, David M Browning, Sigall Bell, Giulia Lamiani, Robert D Truog, Elaine C Meyer

Restoring Core Values: An International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare

Elizabeth A. Rider, Ming-Jung Ho, William T Branch, Jr, Diana Slade, Suzanne Kurtz, Jack Pun Kwok Hung

Person-Centered Care In Mental Health Education and Practice Through Arts-Informed Narrative Inquiry

Jasna Schwind, Gail Lindsay, Sue Coffey, Debbie Morrison, Barb Mildon

Narrative Reflective Process: A Means to Whole Person Research Cluster Formation

Jasna Schwind, Elizabeth McCay, Jennifer Lapum, Suzanne Fredericks, Heather Beanlands, Daria Romaniuk, Susanna Edwards, Karen LeGrow

Whole Person Care at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

Dugald Seely, Laura Weeks, Gillian Flower, Sarah Young, Anne Pitman, Raina Cordell

Using the Arts to Explore Whole Person Care

Peter Silberberg, Hilton Koppe

Proposed Consensus-Based Canadian Integrative Oncology Research Priorities

Laura Weeks, Dugald Seely, Lynda Balneaves, Heather Boon, Anne Leis, Doreen Oneschuk, Stephen Sagar, Marja Verhoef

Doing 'Technological' Time in a Pediatric Hemodialysis Unit

Hilde Zitzelsberger, Patricia McKeever, Adrienne Chambon, Kathryn Morgan, Karen Spalding