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Graeme Kidd


Objective: Reflection on 35 years in family medical practice - from home births to home deaths. My own wider understanding of "medical practise" through my personal growth.



Matter versus energy. Current medical practise is still largely perceived through a Newtonian mindset. In recent years the "repair shop" mentality has intensified as we find more sophisticated techniques for managing the ailing human body. We still practise in a reductive world where we believe that we can determine outcomes entirely by understanding the parts. Even a scant understanding of wave particle interactivity can help interpret a more holistic view of disease processes. Metastatic cancer is an enormous challenge and I believe outcomes are related to far more than the conventional invasive treatments.


Germ theory versus milleu. The debate these two men initiated 170 years ago continues today - even though it is rumoured on his deathbed Louis was heard to say he thought Claude was right. We still practise medicine as if we are fighting an enemy and give scant regard to the milleu that we allow the "enemy" to inhabit. As the mystics and the scientists draw closer together through our quantum understanding, the milleu of our human system appears more complex and more connected to the world that we inhabit.

Although I practise conventional family medicine, I use metaphysics, metaphor and an interpretation of energy medicine to help patients understand their disease and enable them to use an holistic approach to intergrate both conventional and complimentary therapies. With increasing audit and protocol driven practise it seems that often humanity gets sidelined. HbA1c's become more important than the relationship the patient has with their disease.

Conclusion: The reintegration of humanity into the practise of medicine will help empower patients with insight that will not only enhance their quality of life but will also help save millions of dollars that currently is wasted within the victim / fix it model of medicine. I see the tide turning and this conference is evidence of a resurgence in a broader understanding of medicine through personhood.

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Graeme Kidd, Howick House Surgery, Auckland, NZ Eastern Bays Hospice, Auckland NZ Totara Hospice, Auckland NZ