Using the Arts to Explore Whole Person Care

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Peter Silberberg
Hilton Koppe


There has been an increase in the use of arts in Australian General Practice medical education in recent years. This workshop will aim to continue the Australian journey by exploring how the arts can teach about the whole person care. It will be facilitated by two medical educators experienced in these teaching techniques. Participants will be asked to contribute an example from the arts (film, writing, image, music etc) and be guided via skilled facilitation in how this could be used to explore whole person care. There will be discussion of how these pieces could be used in teaching and clinical practice. Potential benefits and pitfalls will be highlighted. At the conclusion, these resources will be collated for distribution and made freely available.

Learning objectives include: (i) how to use the arts in teaching whole person care, (ii) to discuss different methodologies and the pros and cons of each one (iii) to allow participants an opportunity to experiment and participate with different mediums (iv) to collate a list of different examples used from the workshop to distribute to the group.

Please note, if you attend this workshop you will need to bring a small contribution of art (film, writing, image, music etc) to share with the group. Electronic versions are welcome. It does not need to be original.

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