Spirituality in Medicine

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Steven Aung


Objectives: Spirituality is a vital component of whole person care; healing always involves body, mind, and spirit. We can anticipate the resolution of health problems holistically by providing correct physical, mental, and spiritual alignment to our dear patients. Alignment is accomplished both through the patients’ awareness of relaxation and self-care, and the harmonization and purification of the healing energy of the practitioner. Therefore, the patient and practitioner engage upon a healing journey through spiritual connection that vitalizes the process of medicine.

Methods: Traditional Chinese Medicine has employed a physical, mental, and spiritual approach for thousands of years. Enhancing spirituality in medicine involved strengthening exercises of the body, mind, and spirit. Patients are encouraged to increase their awareness of themselves on each level. Practitioners should learn to cultivate positive healing energy that will enhance their medical practice. Qi Gong posture, breathing, phonation, and visualization exercises will be demonstrated to introduce Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy and practice.

Results: Session participants will receive a general orientation to Traditional Chinese Medicine and learn specific skills in Qi Gong. Patients will learn greater attention to physical, mental, and spiritual alignment. Practitioners will learn to engage themselves for whole person healing, by understanding the relationship between patient and the practitioner.

Conclusions: Spirituality is vitally important in medicine to enhance the quality of both its preventive and healing aspects. Treatment is a two way relationship. Practitioners must treat patients with good intentions. Patients must prepare for a healing process that engages them on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Practitioners and patients, therefore, must work hand in hand, heart to heart, towards the goal of health and well-being.

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