Healing as Recycling Energy from Negative to Positive

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Steven Aung


Objectives: For many practitioners and patients, the most critical aspect of medical practice is healing. Healing requires compassion in order to elevate clinical practices above the skills of a medical technician. At the same time, the act of healing is deeply involved. When practitioners heal, they must take care not to experience physical, mental, or spiritual fatigue or injury to themselves. By practicing healing as recycling energy from negative to positive, practitioners develop contemplative compassion. The more practitioners treat patients, the more they understand how to recycle and heal, and the better the practitioner they become.

Methods: Healing recycling involves practitioners engaging their own chakra system on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Negative energy is drawn from the patient and flows through the practitioner to their solar plexus, where it is converted to positive energy. The practitioner then returns the positive energy to the patient as a vital healing force. In order to avoid injury through this process, practitioners must purify and harmonize themselves through practice and discipline in body, mind, and spirit exercises.

Results: Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy will be introduced and used to examine the concepts of energy, healing, discipline, and holistic medicine. The various modalities of healing recycling will be demonstrated, including through the hand, the eye, the nose, and the third eye. By practicing healing recycling, practitioners will avoid becoming “wounded healers”, and improve their overall ability to heal.

Conclusions: Practitioners who can contemplate compassion in their medical practice become healers. Without compassion, there is no healing. Without healing, there is no medicine. Therefore, the practice of medicine needs a better understanding of how to recycle energy. At the same time, greater healing will translate into improved quality of life for patients.

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