This special edition is devoted entirely to the 2nd International Congress on Whole Person Care (12-15 October, 2017) and includes all accepted abstracts for oral presentations and posters that were presented at this conference.

Published: 2018-01-15

Bringing wonder into medicine: a film-based curriculum

Carla Gayle Gober-Park, Hobart Lee, Kathy McMillan, Kris Lozano

A new communication skills training program for palliative care fellow-physicians

Cristopher MacKinnon, Stefanie Gingras, Sonia Skamene, Deborah Ummel

Reflective practice and the role of transformational learning in healthcare

Richard Hovey, Steven Jordan, Christophe Bedos, Charo Rodriguez, Nareg Apelian

Beyond numbers: learning from the experience of kidney-transplant recipients

Stephanie Bogue Kerr, Marguerite Soulière, Lorraine Bell

The head start program for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Dugald Seely, Anne Pitman, Julie Ennis, Rabia Wilcox

What is preventing dentists from providing person-centred care?

Nareg Apelian, Jean-Noel Vergnes, Richard Hovey, Christophe Bedos

Partnering to develop resilience in health professionals and faculty through mindfulness-based education

Andrea Nadine Frolic, Elaine Principi, Alan Taniguichi, Ken Burgess, Valerie Spironello, Anne Wong

Engaging heARTS: Developing an arts-based curriculum to enhance compassion and creativity in healthcare

Andrea Nadine Frolic, Marilyn Swinton, Darla Biccum, Marybeth Leis Druery, Megan English, Jennifer Molinaro

Strength based nursing: caring for the whole person

Christina MacDonald, Renata Benc, Anna T. Buono, Louise Champagne, Gabrielle Chartier, Andrea Cooke, Nancy Drummond, Kim Gartshore, Antoinette Ehrler, Laurie Gottlieb

Person-Centered Care: Perspectives of free dental clinic users in Montréal, Canada

Nioushah Noushi, Christophe Bedos, Nareg Apelian, Jean-Noel Vergnes, Charo Rodriguez