Nurturing whole person care with nature


  • Lynn Leach Stedman Community Hospice, Brantford, Ontario
  • Cheryl Moore Stedman Community Hospice, Brantford, Ontario



alternative therapies, Horticultural Therapy Program


As part of our goal to provide Whole Person Care to our residents and families, Stedman Community Hospice is committed to integrating alternative therapies to compliment the more traditional systems of care. Our Horticultural Therapy Program was introduced in the spring of 2011 with the launch of our beautiful therapy garden. 

This workshop will discuss how we have since developed a comprehensive Horticultural Therapy Program in both a hospice and long-term care setting and how this type of program can benefit residents, families and staff.  Discussion will include how to utilize community groups, volunteers and students to achieve and maintain a high standard of program. We hope to inspire other care facilities to embrace horticultural therapy as a means to enhance the level of care for everyone.

Author Biography

Lynn Leach, Stedman Community Hospice, Brantford, Ontario

Lynn Leach is the Horticultural Therapist at the St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre in Brantford and has created and implemented our Horticultural Therapy Program. She, along with her team of volunteers and students, has created and continues to maintain the stunning therapy gardens that surround the Stedman Community Hospice. In addition, she facilitates weekly programs for the residents of the St. Joseph’s long-term care and provides community workshops.




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Leach, L., & Moore, C. (2018). Nurturing whole person care with nature. The International Journal of Whole Person Care, 5(1).