Concept of architectural sphere spaces design for children with autistic spectrum disorders


  • Hoda Shahmohammadian 17Shahrivar Technical University, Karaj, Alborz
  • Alireza Baghban Parashkohi Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Azad, Tehran



autistic spectrum disorders, educational spaces, architecture, sphere spaces


Autism is a developmental disorder of brain functions. This disorder affects many aspects of growth and development of children which causes information process occurs in different way by senses. Therefore, they overreact or showing no reaction to environment.

Architectural design of educational spaces with specific characteristics of children with ASD could have a noticeable effect on increasing bodily functions which includes intellectual growth and social skills of autistic children. Architectural spaces form is an important factor in designing that causes visible effects such as child’s considerable attention at stimulants, improve visual scanning, increase the scale of visual attention moreover child focus on given exercise.

This article provides solutions to designing educational spaces for children with ASD. It recommends solution in terms of spherical or hemispherical spaces design which leads to increase the sense of depth and concentration moreover increasing knowledge toward self-concept and surrounded environment in autistic children.




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Shahmohammadian, H., & Parashkohi, A. B. (2018). Concept of architectural sphere spaces design for children with autistic spectrum disorders. The International Journal of Whole Person Care, 5(1).