Mindfulness group for mentally ill patients in remission

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Suzanne Lamarre
Lily Gozlan
Eric Billon


For the last four years the Institut de Pleine Conscience Appliquée de Montréal (IPCAM) and the Department of Psychiatry of the St. Mary Hospital Center, an affiliated McGill Community Hospital, have been offering a weekly 140 minutes session to mentally ill patients in remission. The sessions are held outside the hospital in the institute.

The objectives of the authors are:

1.     To empower the Health Care Professionals (HCP) and the Expert in Mindfulness (EIM) to start such a co-op group for patients who otherwise might feel unable to discuss their mental health problems while trying to integrate mindfulness practice.

2.     To describe the outlines of such a group, such as the referral forms, the expected goals for attendance, the meditation exercises and some particular aspects of the sharing periods.

3.     To propose to the HCP and the EIM some practical tips in order to orient the patients in healthy habits of acceptance of themselves rather than maintaining themselves in maladaptive thoughts, emotions and behaviours. As we all know people who have had a difficult childhood could use mindfulness inadvertently for avoidance rather than acceptance.

4.         Finally to share with the HCP and the EIM the enriching experience of such a co-op group for the leaders as much as for the participants.

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