Teaching through Storytelling

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Cory Ingram


Have you ever felt envious of how a presenter told a story or engaged their audience?  Even more personally, have you ever experienced how they captivated their audience while teaching the same material you teach.  Did you feel like perhaps you were not so engaging with your audience or your audience wasn’t so engaged with you?  Perhaps you are looking for a fresh way to present old themes and concepts.  Through spending time in this workshop, you will come away with a practiced plan in hand for your next teaching endeavor.


The purpose of this workshop is to empower you during the 90 minutes we have together to understand the mindset, skillset and toolset for storytelling. After we get to know each other, we’ll spend time with a brief few minutes didactic followed by time to write, craft and share that element of your story.  Each person will then identify at least a single teaching topic for the focus of their story.  That will be their focus for the workshop. This will process will repeat for each storytelling skill.  There will be didactic, but the focus is on storytelling refinement so when you leave the workshop you have a plan specific to a topic you teach.


The workshop concludes with participants voluntarily sharing their stories and reflecting on this process.

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