This special edition is devoted entirely to the 3rd International Congress on Whole Person Care (17-20 October, 2019) and includes all accepted abstracts for oral presentations, workshops and posters that were presented at this conference.

Published: 2020-01-15

Beyond Psychiatric Symptoms

Tewfik Said, Ahmad Almadani


Mindfulness-Based Reduction Stress Reduction for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Depressive Symptoms: a Pilot Trial

Isabelle Gaboury, Patricia Dobkin, Pasquale Roberge, Marie-Claude Beaulieu, Pierre Dagenais, France Gervais, Sophie Roux, Gilles Boire


Shame in medical education: A mindful approach

Beth Whelan, Edvin Schei, Tom Hutchinson


Can Doctors Still Have a Voice in Healthcare?

Howard Stuart, Nilay Ozen, Vivian Petropoulos


How can we design a curriculum for a resilient medical student? - A blueprint for resiliency programs for med students in Japan

Shizuma Tsuchiya, Kris Siriratsivawong, Hiromichi Tsuchiya, Yusuke Takamiya, Miki Izumi


Music, Brain and Health

Ante L. Padjen


Rare Disease Interest Group (rareDIG) at McGill University: A Medical Education Pilot Project

Andrei Aldea, Cyril Boulila, Kristin Hunt, Jessie Kulaga-Yoskovitz, Sean Munoz, Kyle St. Louis, Noémie Villeneuve-Cloutier, Nikola Wilk


Reading Patients: Our Story of Narrative Medicine

Catherine Courteau, Laurence Laneuville


Queering Whole Person Care

Jane Shulman, Caroline Marchionni, Catherine Taylor


The Rural Clinical School of Western Australia Mindfulness Project

Sarah Moore, Rita Barbour, Hanh Ngo, Craig Sinclair, Richard Chambers, Denese Playford, Kirsten Auret, Craig Hassed


Designing an Autism Healing Center with Emphasis on Nature Therapy

Hoda Shahmahommadian, Hanieh Shahmahommadian