Can Doctors Still Have a Voice in Healthcare?

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Howard Stuart
Nilay Ozen
Vivian Petropoulos


In the fall of 2014 the Quebec Health Ministry announced plans for a broad restructuring of the entire Healthcare network, implemented shortly thereafter in 2015. The effect on institutions was dramatic and immediate. Local  management was eradicated, concentrating and centralizing control of the entire system ultimately into the office of the Minister. With the abrupt reorganization of services came relocation of large numbers of personnel. Management at a distance became the norm. In many institutions, the commonly held view among physicians with regard to relations with management can be summarized as, “Suddenly there was no one to talk to.”

Confusion and tension were prevalent and palpable. In this context, in attempt to have a voice, a group of physicians at one community hospital formed an independent organization. It developed into an influential body which continues to remain active.


This workshop will use the experiences and reflections of physicians from that organization as a basis to explore questions such as:


-Is there a difference between Health Services and Health Care? Do we care?


-Does worker engagement matter in Healthcare delivery? Or are good systems and modern equipment all we really need?


-Does sense of community matter within a healthcare institution? If so why?

If it matters, is it just for the benefit of those working for the organization? Or is there a benefit for the users too?


-What is the basis for sense of community? Where does it come from? Can it be destroyed? Can it be developed?


-Is there an importance to the quality of relationships between people working within Healthcare? Do these relationships have impact on quality of care?


-Should the perspective of those working in the system be incorporated input Management decision making? If so how?


-What can physicians, nurses and other allied Healthcare professionals do in order to have a voice?


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