Non Linear Approaches & Interventions using Nonsensical Tools and Humordrama on stage to Elicit Self Acceptance & Humor


  • Alex Sternick The Nonsense University: School for Non Linear Approaches-THE ART OF NONSENSE-PARADOXCICAL INTERVENTIONS & GIBBERISH IMPROVISATION, Zichron Yaakov



Non linear, nonsense, laugh, humor, self acceptance


"The Patient should be instructed not just to accept his fear, but also to laugh at it. This requires courage to be ridiculous" (Viktor Frankl)


The workshop will demonstrate non-linear interventions using clownish reduction, paradoxical interventions and nonsense on stage (theater\drama based), to help one in accepting and PLAYING his Narratives based on Weakness, Imperfection, Failure to perform a task, and out of Self-Acceptance to play, maximize and exaggerate his 'weak patterns'. The idea is to elicit Self-Humor in the protagonist without the need to fix oneself but rather having a distance from the situation, till the Fear and Self-Rejection are melting away.


To do that we should know how to transcend beyond our Hyper-Critical Mind, Mental Turbulence & Inner Censorship. One should practice how to align with his right hemisphere and intuition. For that, we will use Improvisational tools and skills highlighting Nonsense, Gibberish Exercises and Zen oriented interventions (Humordrama).


Viktor Frankl once said "Today I am going to have a stroke"- this was the beginning of Paradoxical Therapy based on Self-Humor and Nonsense, when one is encouraged to maximize and exaggerate his Fears, Imperfections and Shame - to admit them fully till they will pass away.


In the workshop we will experiment with Non-Linear Solutions: what will happen if I stop to push gas in neutral sticking to an old way action based on my old belief system which supports my comfort zone, and from now on will adopt a new refreshing, beating, paradoxical, paralogical way of action...facing Uncertainity in the most playfool way (Paradoxical Decisions).


'If sense has not helped us so far it is the time to do something else, to play with Non-Sense'




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Sternick, A. (2020). Non Linear Approaches & Interventions using Nonsensical Tools and Humordrama on stage to Elicit Self Acceptance & Humor. The International Journal of Whole Person Care, 7(1), 9-10.