This special edition is devoted entirely to the 4th International Congress on Whole Person Care (21-24 October, 2021) and includes all accepted abstracts for oral presentations that were presented at this conference.

Published: 2022-01-20

Project Lotus: A really cool community-based initiative assisting women post-homelessness

Karla Jacobsen, Laurence Roy, Sally Richmond, Isabelle Boutemeur, Eve de Macar, Beatriz Hoffman-Kuhnt, Danielle Rouleau, Vanessa Seto


The use of digital tablets eases the way to compassionate care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Belen Herrero, Valentine Weber, Erin Kennedy, Gligorka Raskovic, Coleen Timm


Online health promotion program and individualized health coaching for veteran wellbeing

Devangi Patel, Kayleigh Beaveridge, Zoe O'Neill, Ilka Lowensteyn, Mohammed Kaouache, Steven Grover


Developing a collaborative, humanistic interprofessional healthcare culture: a multi-site study

Elizabeth A. Rider, Calvin Chou, Peter Weissman, Corrine Abraham, William T. Branch Jr.


Aging, care and dependency in multimorbidity: how relationships affect elderly women’s homecare and health service use

Mohammad Hamiduzzaman, Stacy Torres, Amber JoAnn Fletcher, M Rezaul Islam, Jennene Greenhill


The need for alternative solutions when caring for patients with language barriers

Nour Seulami, Jun Yang Liu, Mélyssa Kaci, Zakaria Ratemi, Abbesha Nadarajah, Sarah Khalil, Soukaina Hguig, Kenzy Abdelhamid, Darya Naumova


How to think about pain with the whole person in mind

Timothy H. Wideman, Peter Stilwell


Brief online mindfulness training for medical students: a randomized control study

Sarah Moore, Denese Playford, Hanh Ngo, Rita Barbour, Kirsten Auret, Craig Hassed, Richard Chambers, Craig Sinclair, Helen Wilcox, Linda Berlach


Adaptive challenges of curriculum implementation for enhancing medical student resilience at Showa University in Japan

Shizuma Tsuchiya, Kris Siriratsivawong, Atsuko Furuta, Makiko Arima, Yusuke Takamiya, Hiroaki Ogata, Miki Izumi


Ngununggula: The story of a cancer care team for aboriginal people

Janelle Trees, Trish Levett, Kyla Wynn, Rowena Ivers


A gamified sleep intervention for veterans: an overview

Natasha Odessa Grimard, Nissim Frija-Gruman, Steven Grover


Queering whole person care in a pandemic

Jane Shulman, David Kenneth Wright