Galen and Wellbeing: Whole Person Care


  • Debbie Marsden University of Exeter Medical School
  • John Wilkins University of Exeter
  • Christopher Gill University of Exeter
  • Paul Dieppe University of Exeter



Wellbeing, whole-person care, individaul, health


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Author Biographies

Debbie Marsden, University of Exeter Medical School

Research Fellow

Medical School

John Wilkins, University of Exeter

Professor Classics and Ancient History

Christopher Gill, University of Exeter

Emeritus Professor of Ancient Thought

Classics and Ancient History

Paul Dieppe, University of Exeter

Professor of Health and Wellbeing

Medical School


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Marsden, D., Wilkins, J., Gill, C., & Dieppe, P. (2014). Galen and Wellbeing: Whole Person Care. The International Journal of Whole Person Care, 1(2).