The International Journal of Whole Person Care published by McGill Programs in Whole Person Care aims to serve as a scholarly forum for how we approach health care, with an emphasis on the existential/spiritual aspects of health research and practice. The journal is interested in scholarly work that addresses the intersection between personhood, health and suffering as well as approaches that facilitate congruence between patients, practitioners and their environments.

Call for submissions


Special issue on Vulnerability

Vulnerability is an inherent part of putting our self into our work. Making something our own, pioneering a new approach, creating meaningful connections with others – each of these vocational activities can inspire some degree of vulnerability. 

This special issue of the journal will focus on exploring and unpacking personal experiences in relation to vulnerability. The focus will be on first-person narratives that relate these experiences to professional life in healthcare. Read more

McGill Programs in Whole Person Care Trainee Writing Award

Current trainees in either a health professional clinical program or health-related research program are invited to submit a brief essay (up to 3000-words) addressing the theme of vulnerability in healthcare.

Submissions can be made through the Commentary stream of the Journal’s online portal: 

Winners will receive a small cash prize and their essay will be published within the journal. Submission deadline: April 5th, 2024

New Wisdom in Practice Submission Stream

The International Journal of Whole Person Care, published by McGill University, is pleased to announce a new submission stream, Wisdom in Practice. This stream aims to address critical gaps in the available literature that provides meaningful support in how clinicians navigate daily challenges to providing whole person care. Some of the most challenging aspects of clinical practice relate to moral, ethical and/or inter-personal dilemmas that may not have clear evidence-based solutions. Read more

Vol. 11 No. 1 (2024)


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Editor-in-Chief: Timothy H. Wideman
Managing Editor: Angelica Todireanu
Contributing Editors: Dr. Tom Hutchinson, Dr. Mark Smilovitch
Contributing Guest Editor: Dr. Allen Steverman

Published: 2024-01-29


Sandra Derghazarian


A Medical Student Study of Rural Health Concerns, Community Determinants and Whole Person Care

Andrew Harper, Kiera Sanders, Kahla Edwards, Tasfeen Billah, Tessa Corbett, Lucy Irvine


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