Careers in health care can often involve transformation
What’s most important to us at the earliest stages of our professional life may evolve in dramatic ways as we discern, pursue and practice our vocation. Some of us may be struck by the realization that our heart just isn’t in the work that we had thought we would love, and in which we had so heavily invested. Then, perhaps, we get a glimpse of something new, on an altered course, that resonates more deeply. While others may find that their initial inclinations were exactly what they wanted but discover new personal connections to their work that are even more empowering. Orienting and re-orienting our professional trajectory to our inner compass can feel disorienting and terrifying, but also invigorating and liberating. Navigating these changes can also be transformative, with personal and professional identities that are reformed in profound ways.

We want to hear about your transformative experiences
Perhaps you have experienced a personal transformation first-hand in pursuing your career as a health professional or health researcher. Or, maybe you have been moved by some form of art or literature that has deepened your understanding of these experiences. Or, perhaps you’ve observed colleagues, patients or loved ones that have navigated these types of personal and professional change. Whether first-hand or observed, we want to hear about your experiences and insights in relation to transformative change. What was this experience like? What may have instigated it? What were its consequences? How are new priorities reconciled in relation to initial professional trajectories? We invite you to submit a short personal reflection or art/literature review for publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Whole Person Care that will focus on transformations in health care.

Submission details
Brief paper (up to 3000-words) addressing the theme of transformative experiences in health care. Submissions can be made through the Commentary stream at: 

Please email the Managing Editor ( regarding any questions.

Submission deadline: May 1st, 2023
All submissions must be in English. Articles should not be under review, or submitted for review, with any other journal when submitted to IJWPC.