Strength based nursing: caring for the whole person

Christina MacDonald, Renata Benc, Anna T. Buono, Louise Champagne, Gabrielle Chartier, Andrea Cooke, Nancy Drummond, Kim Gartshore, Antoinette Ehrler, Laurie Gottlieb


Strengths-Based Nursing (SBN) is an integrated value-driven approach based on a philosophy of care to guide actions. It consists of eight values which guide nursing practice to promote care of the whole person and family.  SBN promotes empowerment, collaborative partnership, innate health and healing, authentic relationships while focusing on enhancing and developing strengths to cope with challenges and minimize, contain or circumvent that which is not working.

Our poster will illustrate the basics of SBN and how it can be utilized in the promotion of whole person care.

Conclusion: SBN has enlarged our perspective, broadened our skilled-know how, and opened us to new ways of caring for persons and families dealing with cancer. It has also given us insights into our nursing practices and illustrates the importance these eight values have in supporting development of whole person care.


whole person, strength-based nursing

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