A patient expectation and satisfaction survey with regards to exercise prescription from their osteopathic manual practitioner

Angela Miller


Background: Patient satisfaction is virtually synonymous with health status. There exists little empirical data which examine osteopathic patient expectation and satisfaction with respects to self-care and home exercise interventions.


Objective: To examine patient expectation and satisfaction in Ontario with regards to receiving exercise prescription from their Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (OMP) for management and prevention of their chief complaint.


Design: A cross-sectional patient expectation and satisfaction survey.


Methods: 75 surveys were delivered to 10 osteopathic clinics in the Greater Toronto Area. 45 of those surveys were completed and returned. Microsoft Excel 2010 was used to analyze the descriptive data and GraphPad Prism 6 was used for inferential analysis. Content analysis was used for all free text responses.


Results: A high majority of osteopathic patients are satisfied with their treatments (97.8%). The Fisher’s Exact test revealed no significant difference in satisfaction between patients who expected exercise and received it and those who expected exercise but did not receive it (p= 0.14). A significant minority (43.2%) would like to be provided with more home care exercise advice. Other areas of improvement are: follow-up, referral base,

take- home tools, and in-office exercise equipment.


Conclusions: This study examined patient expectation and satisfaction in Ontario with regards to receiving exercise prescription from their OMP. The results showed that, overall, patients are satisfied with their osteopathic treatments. Patients expected exercise advice from their OMP, and generally, received it. As satisfaction and health outcome are synergistic however, there are several areas in need of improvement. 


osteopathy, patient satisfaction, exercise

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26443/ijwpc.v5i1.177


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