Bringing wonder into medicine: a film-based curriculum

Carla Gayle Gober-Park, Hobart Lee, Kathy McMillan, Kris Lozano


The proposed workshop presents a film-based curriculum in whole person care.

This curriculum includes one 37-minute film (A Certain Kind of Light – screened in 18 film festivals around the world) and six smaller films that are each 5-10 minutes in length, and are accompanied by a journaling process (all of which explore whole person care in medicine). These are not the traditional “teaching” films, but films developed from a more artistic/creative standpoint, for the purposes of affecting attitudes, as much as teaching skills.


The workshop will include the following:



Discussion of how the film-based curriculum impacts culture change as much as personal change of the healthcare practitioner.



If there is not enough time to show all 7 films, we would present at least four of them to help the participant understand both philosophy and content of the films, illustrating how whole person care concepts can be taught through an aesthetic avenue to more immediately affect thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. In addition, we will discuss the journaling process, clinical rounds, and research that accompany the film curriculum. Finally, the panel will join together in discussing how this type of mechanism contributes to culture shift within an organization.


Those presenting in this workshop are those who developed, teach and conduct research on this curriculum. This curriculum is newly developed (as of 2017) and is being used in a variety of healthcare disciplines within one healthcare educational and clinical entity and has been requested by several others.


medicine, curriculum, film, healthcare

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